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Bra Size Guide

You will find your size where the two measurements intersect on our size guide. Our guides should only be used as an indication of your size. :


27-29 29-31 31-33 33-35
Overbust 32.5 32A      
33.5 32B      
34.5 32C 34A    
35.5 32D 34B    
36.5 32D D 34C 36A  
37.5 32E 34D 36B  
38.5 32F 34D D 36C 38A
39.5 32G 34E 36D 38B
40.5 34F 36D D 38C  
41.5 34G 36E 38D  
42.5   36F    
43.5   36G    


70-75 75-80 80-85 85-90
Overbust 83 32A      
85 32B      
88 32C 34A    
90 32D 34B    
93 32D D 34C 36A  
95 32E 34D 36B  
98 32F 34D D 36C 38A
100 32G 34E 36D 38B
103 34F 36D D 38C  
105 34G 36E 38D  
108   36F    
110   36G    

Conversion Guide

32A 85A 70A 10A
32B 85B or 85 70B 10B
32C 85C 70C 10C
32D 85D 70D 10D
32E 85E 70E 10E
32F 85F 70F 10F
34A 90A 75A 12A
34B 90B or 90 75B 12B
34C 90C 75C 12C
34D 90D 75D 12D
34E 90E 75E 12E
34F 90F 75F 12F
36A 95A 80A 14A
36B 95B or 95 80B 14B
36C 95C 80C 14C
36D 95D 80D 14D
36E 95E 80E 14E
36F 95F 80F 14F
38A 100A 85A 16A
38B 100B or 100 85B 16B
38C 100C 85C 16C
38D 100D 85D 16D
38E 100E 85E 16E
38F 100F 85F 16F